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Species to add to 2016 Spring Forays

  • 27 Apr 2017 4:00 PM
    Message # 4789008
    Terri Clements (Administrator)


    It looks like you are the keeper of the lists for these forays.  It didn't occur to me to provide these to you earlier.  I'd appreciate your adding them for me.

    May 1, 2016 Slide Fire:  Morchella brunnea and Cryptoporus volvatus (fyi M. tridentina  and D. chrysospermus are mis-spelled).

    May 15,  2016 Schultz Tank:  Ganoderma megaloma (in the G. applanatum group), Fomitopsis ponderosa nom. prov. (in the F. pinicola group), Gyromitra korfii, Gyromitra ancilis.

    May 19/20, 2016 scout of Locust Fire for later foray:  Morchella sp. (novel undescribed species), Morchella sextelata, Morchella eximia, Cortinarius sp., Entoloma vernum var. isodiametrica, Hygrophorus erubescens, Geopyxis carbonaria, Pholiota highlandensis, Peziza violacea.

    I also have a list of species found at the Slide Fire in May of 2015 if you want them.



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