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Please read our FAQs before contacting our committee chairs with questions about mushrooms, mushroom hunting or club forays.  If you are a member of the AMS and would like more information about participating on a committee, contact us.

Communications Committee

Promotes public awareness of the Society and publicizes our organized activities. Contributes and solicits articles for the Society newsletter and publishes it to the Society membership. Creates and updates an Internet website and blog, and maintains other online social media accounts. Assists Membership Committee with any technical issues surrounding online membership database or online dues collection. 

Culinary Committee

Holds primary responsibility for organizing and directing dinners, tastings, cooking workshops, and other mycophagy-related events. Maintains a collection of recipes for publication on the website or in the newsletter. With the Scientific Committee, establishes designated safe-species white-lists and protocols to be followed for safely using wild mushrooms in culinary activities.  

Cultivation/Medicinal/Mycoremediation Committee

Plans and implements activities for those interested in studying mushroom cultivation, the medicinal and health effects of wild mushrooms, and mycoremediation with fungi.

Development Committee

Plans and implements fund-raising activities for the Society. Solicits charitable donations and grants.

This committee is deactivated for the time being. If you are interested in fund-raising, please let us know.

Foray Committee

Engages in scouting, organizing and managing forays in season. Assists with scheduling the dates for forays and field trips. Designates and supervises scouts, foray and field trip leaders, qualified mushroom identifiers, and arranges professional mycologist guidance when required. 

Membership Committee

Responds to inquiries about membership. Promotes membership through public outreach and participation in social networks. Maintains official membership records, including dues. Oversees official notices of delinquency of dues payments and restriction of participation in Society activities to members in good standing. 

Program and Education Committee

Organizes and directs educational classes, workshops, exhibits, mushroom festivals or fairs, and other such educational activities, and coordinates the Society’s participation in similar activities sponsored by outside organizations. Responsible for arranging and hosting guest speakers. Maintains a library of public-domain or free-use photographs contributed by the members.

Scientific Committee

Responsible for recording a genus and species list of mushrooms found at forays. Arranges and identifies any fungi on display at Society meetings, fairs, or other events. Primary liaison for the Poison Control Center and the state medical and veterinary communities, when and if experts in mushroom identification and toxicity are requested. Primary liaison for professional mycologists and other bona fide scientific researchers who wish to enlist the assistance of the Members of this Society. Assists Culinary Committee with establishing fungal species white-lists and safety protocols for mushroom consumption.

Venue and Hospitality Committee

Assists with the smooth operation of meetings and other functions, including scheduling venues, planning, presentation, serving, and cleanup of refreshments and potluck contributions. Greets visitors at meetings, provides name tags, and welcomes new and potential members. Arranges for hotel block reservations at forays, and hosting guest mycologists and other invited speakers.

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