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The Arizona Mushroom Society, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt/tax-deductible non-profit Arizona corporation, and is the state affiliate of the North American Mycological Association. We offer a variety of forays, educational meetings, dinners, and other events designed to appeal to novices and experienced mushroom hunters alike. 

2019 Annual Foray - Now Televised!!!

The 2019 Annual Foray was on August 2-4, 2019 at the Sunrise Park Resort Hotel in Greer, Arizona. 

It was an extraordinary event with mycophiles Alisa Allen, who taught on dyeing with mycopigments, Chad Hyatt who shared cooking techniques and tasty dishes with local and not-so-local finds, and keynote speaker, mycologist, author, and photographer, Noah Siegel.

The event was filmed by reporter David Fenster, who shared that the story will air this Sunday, September 8th, on PBS. The show is called Arizona Illustrated. Go to Episode 601 to watch a stream of the TV program.

In addition, the species list for the foray as complied by Terri Clements and Noah Siegel, is now available in the Scientific Committee discussion group files.


The Society has arranged for some spiffy new AMS apparel. These soft, brushed-cotton caps have an embroidered logo that really pops. They come in black, navy, khaki, and gray.

You can buy them online for $25 plus postage, or pick them up at SailorFish Embroidery in Scottsdale and save on shipping costs. We will also be bringing some to the AMS Annual Foray for the same price.

We also have some top quality polo shirts that you can get with the same embroidered logo. 

Part of your purchase comes back to the Society to support our educational, scientific, charitable, and recreational programs.

Mushroom MAPS!!!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have suspended all planned and possibly pending AMS events this time. But we still want to provide our AMS family the tools to go out and find mushrooms!

The Arizona Mushroom Society has prepared maps of potential burn morel habitat for AMS members in good standing. Members can download these maps and trade tips and pointers in the members' discussion groups. Our intent is to allow you to enjoy a foray experience on your own. Please be safe, wear all PPE, and make sure to maintain awareness of the hazards of being in the woods.

Fire morels can be numerous in the mountainous areas of Arizona and are extremely fun to "hunt." Finding fire morels is not easy - location and timing are absolutely crucial. 

A series of late winter storms and upcoming spring rains should produce fire morels in areas burned by wildfire in the past few years. Arizona doesn't get good fruitings of burn morels every year, but some years it is amazing!

The following link to the maps and discussion area will only work if you are a logged-in member in good standing:

Suspected mushroom poisoning? Call AZ Poison Control at 1-800-222-1222



Your $15 per year membership is valid for your entire household, and entitles you to benefits like 
guided forays, mushroom dinners, and members-only maps for more successful hunts.


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