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The Arizona Mushroom Society, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt/tax-deductible non-profit Arizona corporation, and is the state affiliate of the North American Mycological Association. We offer a variety of forays, educational meetings, dinners, and other events designed to appeal to novices and experienced mushroom hunters alike. 

2020 Annual Foray - August 14-16, 2020

The 2020 Annual Foray was held on the weekend of Friday August 14-16 in the White Mountains. Despite being one of the driest years ever recorded and limiting group size due to covid restrictions, we hosted over 150 people on small group forays throughout the weekend and found over 130 species of fungi!

More importantly, AMS members didn't just go and hunt mushrooms, but used this unique opportunity to generously give to the ancestral and current stewards of the land, by raising $2,185 for the White Mountains Apache Tribe! We truly appreciate our members' thoughtfulness and generosity.

This was a major group effort and would not be possible if it weren't for the efforts of several AMS members including Brent Ewasiuk, Jason Sarter, Beth Bilodeau, Lisa Goodwin, Chris May, Terri Clements, Ruth Douthit, Mike Dechter, and Roy and Traci Olson. AMS runs on volunteers and the event would not have happened without them.

The species list for the foray is now available and can be found here.


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Chef Mazi on Thai Fungi!

Chef Zachary Mazi, the one and only food bender, presented on Thai Fungi from his time in Chiang Mai on October 21. His presentation was informative and refreshing with great information on the culture, fungi, language, and cuisine of northern Thailand. If you missed this truly interesting presentation, we have it for you in our member's only area here.

Chef Mazi also discussed his next book Quarantine Cookbook 2, and his magnus opus (thus far), a book called Mycophagy. This latter work is a deep dive into the scientific underpinnings of fungi flavors; such as considering the chemical constituents in characteristic fungi and how these relate to non-fungi and delicious foods and tastes. To join in on his member supported mycophagy research page, please check

If you get a chance to see his presentation the beauty of the landscape and community shine through. Chef Mazi and his fiancé have also been involved in a textile company to support the local community. To find these Thai gifts and to help our friends in Thailand support their families:

You can visit the website:


Online Store:

To stay in contact with Chef Mazi, show support, or stay up on the conversation please follow these links below:


IG/FB: @Chefmazi; @TheFoodbender @Mycophagybook

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