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  • 23 Jan 2016 9:15 PM | Christopher May (Administrator)

    Some people have reported trouble connecting to the new web site. This is a known problem with two easy workarounds that I will describe below.

    The difficulty arises when a web browser with relatively strict security settings reads the SSL encryption certificate from our site. Because the domain name on that certificate is "", it throws up a red flag warning that the site is not "" as was claimed. This is because we are hosting our web site (at least for the time being) with a popular membership software provider, Wild Apricot, and using their certificate instead of our own. 

    The certificate and its installation cost some $150 per year, and while I hope to see the club grow large enough someday to afford this without difficulty, right now it is an excess and avoidable expense.

    The first and perhaps simplest way to get around this hiccup is to use a different URL identifier for our web site. If you use

    as the address, the site should function in the exact same way, but without the warnings.

    Alternatively, you may elect to "trust" the Wild Apricot certificate whenever you connect to the AZ Mushroom Society site at its original name. This should be possible with every web browser and operating system that uses SSL certificates, although how to do so is beyond the scope of this post. Typically the same dialog box or bar that gives you the security warning will also contain a checkbox or button that allows you to proceed to the original website after confirming that you trust the certificate.

    Go to the end of the page at this link for an example image:…ng-registrations/

  • 16 Dec 2015 12:25 PM | Deleted user

    The Annual Holiday Potluck of The Arizona Mushroom Club opened with the announcement of the retirement of founder and long time president Dr. Chester Leathers. After a fun and informative presentation on edible and medicinal plants by Jean Groen, Dr Leathers was commended for his long commitment to the AMC and thanked by the membership.

    The membership voted to incorporate as a nonprofit, educational organization. Membership elected a board of directors, who in turn voted on the Bylaws necessary for incorporation. To attain status as a tax deductible charity, the club will be renamed as the Arizona Mushroom Society, Inc.

    A considerable amount of enthusiasm was shown for developing more mushroom-related activities, and we are looking forward to the changes this will bring.

    Check back here for more exciting updates.

    Minutes of the meeting will be posted on this website as soon as they are approved by the board.

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