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Terrible Toxins and Perilous Poisons of the Fungi Kingdom

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Did you know that there is a mushroom that manufactures a toxin that your body will metabolize to the same chemical compound found in rocket fuel? Also, it can kill you if you happen to inhale it's fumes while it is being cooked!

Learn about mushrooms such as the rocket fuel reaper (not its real common name... but maybe should be?), Gyromitra, as well as others in this free Zoom presentation.

Talented orator and AMS founder, Chris May, will present on Gyromitra and several other mushroom with toxic components. As a radiologist and mushroom enthusiast, Chris has extensive knowledge of many poisonous mushrooms and their toxic constituents that are unique to the Fungi kingdom. 

From Amanitas to Gyromitras, mushrooms can manufacture and contain a veritable pharmacopeia of unique and interesting chemicals that are mildly toxic to deadly poisonous to humans. 

Learn more about this fascinating subject on Thursday, November 19, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. This event is only available and free to AMS members.

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